Choose from the LARGEST SELECTION of New York City Office Space with the LOWEST RENTS. Get ALL LISTINGS within 2 hours!  You can utilize the FREE professional services of Manhattan Office Space to find the perfect office space, instead of submiting inquires to a number of online services and pouring over listings that don't meet your needs.

The question is:  HOW VALUABLE IS YOUR TIME?  For example, our last client has annual revenue in excess of $20 Billion, is a well respected, multinational company, and relied upon our skill and experience for (a) lease negotiations; (b) tenant improvements (included in the base rent, situated in SoHo, with an elegant rooftop patio); and (c) coordination with the attorney and architect.

To obtain a complete, but precise, listing of space within 2 hours which contains details about available office space (e.g., addresses, pictures, square footage, annual rent/rsf, availability, descriptions and more), please see: SPACE SURVEY.
With Manhattan Office Space you'll be escorted by a commercial real estate professional to view a wide variety of spaces, while you can remain focused on your business (instead wasting time looking at "less-than-desirable" spaces).  After all, it's your business and our  primary goal is to integrate image, layout, and functionality at the lowest price.  Online services are fine, if all you're looking for listings that (a) are typically stale and (b) don't meet your specific requirements.  HOW CAN THEY?  These are just online databases which no one monitors for suitability-- and you'll end up paying more rent!
Before ANYONE in the NYC real estate industry even considered supplying what's termed "valued-added marketing," Manhattan Office Space began with the premise that our clients ALWAYS come first. Accordingly, this site is designed to help commercial tenants quickly identify 1500 to 50,000sf of Manhattan Office Space proprietary retail, medical/dental, non-profit, loft and office space in New York City.  To accomplish this, we email clients up-to-date listings, photos and floor plans within 2 hours from the #1 Ranked Internet Site in America-- Manhattan Office Space -- then be escort you to view the best selection of space.  Just complete the brief information at SPACE SURVEY.
If you allow us a few days to find your ideal space, this will avoid you being contacted by a plethora of agents, who inundate landlords with calls and actually make it more difficult to show space and obtain the best rent for you (because the landlord incorrectly assumes demand is higher than it is for the space.  Our goal is to find you the very best space, at the lowest price in the best location and building. 

If we can't do that for you within a week, then, by all means, feel free to contact as many brokers as you like.  But in today's market, the best way to save thousands of dollars in rent (including tenant improvements), Manhattan Office Space can save you money without being harassed by people who are more interested in earning a commission, than protecting your interests (that's why an attorney and broker cannot represent the same client).
  • Need less than 1,000rsf?  For more information, please review the Times article of January 20, 2009:  This NY Times article describes the variety of office suites available, which are a prudent alternative to smaller companies or those opening a New York City office for the first time. We never try to influence clients to lease space that doesn't make sense for them, from a financial or operational perspective.  We've always been in the business for the long run and have always placed clients' interests above any desire to make "fast buck."  The latter approach is not only ethically repugnant, but clearly short sighted.  We also post listings for companies that need to rent individual offices without any cost to them.
  • In 1998, we established a commercial real estate division by the name Manhattan Office Space.   At the time, virtually no one advertised the leasing or selling of commercial real estate in New York City using the term "Manhattan Office Space," nor did anyone conduct business under that name.  Since then, however, hoards of "Johnnies Come Lately" have tried to use our Federally registered service mark in advertising or attempted to trade off our success as a tenant-only brokerage in New York City.  But don't be deceived:  there's only ONE Manhattan Office Space.
7 Highly Efficient Ways to Save Time & Money with Manhattan Office Space
  1. You'll receive a FREE, UP-TO-DATE Manhattan Office Space SPACE SURVEY within 2 hours. Manhattan Office Space identifies space which can best meet your office, medical/dental, non-profit or retail space needs.  There are absolutely no fees to you in connection with these professional services.  And you don't receive useless listings-- every Survey is carefully reviewed before it's emailed to eliminate "stale" listings, unsavory landlords and inappropriate buildings.
  2. We have access to 35% more Manhattan Office Space proprietary listings than ANY online service and 2500 MORE than any purported MLS site.  Take a few minutes to see how "current" their listings are, because they include listings that are years old. And, you're often obligated to look for space and pay ONLY that broker.
  3. Online "database" companies direct you to building agents who represent the landlord, who will charge you higher rents (especially if the rent is listed as "negotiable") and are not motivated to show all you ALL the office, medical/dental, non-profit or retail space that's available.  And they often don't even bother to escort you to show space.
  4. You will be accompanied to view a wide selection of Manhattan Office Space proprietary retail, medical/dental, not-for-profit, and New York City office space.  And all of your questions will be answered on the spot.  You can be moved-in in within weeks, not months.
  5. Critical information about recent retail-office space transactions is maintained that you should know before a lease is signed.  For retail clients, traffic reports and other data can also be provided.
  6. In lease negotiations, you'll be represented by a licensed real estate Broker (not an agent-in-training) who can obtain the most favorable business terms, which means that Manhattan Office Space can Save You Over $100,000.00.
  7. We typically represent clients with annual revenue of $100K to $10,000,000,000.  One recent client based in Sweden has been in business for over 130 years and owns companies in the US and Europe.  The company chose us because we negotiated the lowest rent with the most concessions; recommended superlative legal and architectural services; and oversaw the entire process, until all the lease documents were completed.


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Although we maintain a professional relationship with landlords, we ONLY represent commercial tenants (unlike virtually all other brokers).  Why?  Because representing both sides creates the appearance of, or an actual, conflict of interest.
Manhattan Office Space   was the first NYC brokerage to provide useful information on the Internet.  While others try to imitate our name and reputation, Manhattan Office Space   is a registered service mark with the

United States Patent and Trademark Office, and the only company authorized to do business under that name  There's only one Manhattan Office Space   that can actually SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY.

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How much free rent?
Impact your bottom line.  We typically obtain 3-4 months free rent with a five year lease.

Security Deposit

We suggest a Standby Letter of Credit rather than cash when its cost is less than money market.

Most leases require a $1-3MM comp general policy.  We include your insurance agent early.

If you plan alterations, we'll obtain approval as part of the lease instead of incurring costs later.

No Fees
Save money using our services and view the best selection of space with no charge to you.

How Much Time?

It typically takes 7-10 days for us to find the perfect space & 2 days to negotiate best terms.